H&B Dead Sea Unique Peeling Gel

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A unique and innovative peeling gel for face, neck and neckline. It removes only dead skin cells, which prevent skin rejuvenation. This gel does not stimulate nor does it result in scratching. The uniqueness of the gel lies in its removal; it does not contain peeling grains and there is no need for mechanical scrubbing. Regular use of this product will grant a soft, smooth and glowing appearance and a lightening effect within minutes. The refreshing gel texture turns skin care treatment pleasurable. It is enriched with Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Pro-Vitamin B5 and Antioxidant vitamin E that protect the skin from free radicals. Instructions for use: Apply a small amount of gel on facial skin neck and neckline. Massage in circular motions 10-12 times, to initiate the peeling effect. As the peeling turns the dead skin to grains, stop massaging, rinse thoroughly and refresh with facial tonic. It is recommended to moisturize with day or night cream. The skin remains clean, refreshed, healthy and smooth.
50 ml
  • Производитель: Health & Beauty


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